Great Time At The New River State Park

This weekend I'm going to go kayaking at New River State Park. May and June have the highest water levels, which means the flow is a little more intense. I'm not an experienced kayaker, but I'm getting more into it and want to become better at it. Mostly I just go for the ride and some exercise, but the sights are really amazing too.

When I first started, I read some reviews for the Seaward kayak and decided to buy one that was lightweight so I could easily carry it out to the lake. It has given me no problems at all and I couldn't wish for a better kayak. Usually I take a nice lunch with me and some drinks, and I can easily fit them on there, so it's perfect!


When I eat, I let the river take me where it wants to, which is very soothing, and I can just eat and take in the sights. I've seen some wildlife like rabbits, different kinds of birds, water snakes (they're not poisonous, I checked), and I think I saw a raccoon once, but I'm not completely sure of that. I've never seen a bear in the wild, but I've heard there are bears in the park, so that would be pretty awesome to see one.

I take a lot of pictures while I'm out there on my Sevylor kayak too, but not with my phone. My phone doesn't capture true beauty like my camera does, so I make sure to stock up on batteries and extra data cards. There's so much to do in that park, but I think next is hiking, so I can break a sweat and get different kinds of pictures. The air smells so good when I'm there, so clean and fresh and woodsy. I wouldn't mind camping there either for a whole weekend of relaxation!